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Green Silver
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It ain’t easy being green, according to Kermit the frog. The same might be said of sterling silver jewelry. Although there are now companies that use recycled sterling silver for their sterling silver jewelry lines, for many companies, especially those who cater to lower price points and a broader market, recycled silver jewelry remains an expensive and elusive goal.

But some sterling silver jewelry companies are going green by donating proceeds to environmental charities. Case in point: John Hardy, which has a program of planting bamboo to offset its carbon use in its jewelry making.

This year, two more sterling silver companies are joining the green movement with lines devoted to promoting awareness of environmental concerns as well as making donations to environmental oriented charities. M.W. Samara, a leading resource for department stores and chains, has a collection that raises money for the World Wildlife Fund. GeoArt by Cynthia Gale has come up with an organic inspired line that provides financial support to the Council for the Environment of New York City.

Although the subject is environmental awareness, both companies are taking a fun, trendy, and lighthearted approach to their message, one that would appeal to younger consumers. M.W. Samara’s beaded bracelets have charms for “protect” and “Earth.” Others carry ecological affirmations such as “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Suggested retails range from $15 to $40.

“Our ‘SilverEco’ collection is our way of addressing concerns about global warming, deforestation, and animal extinction,” says Robert Ebert, executive vice president, M.W. Samara, a New York company that has successfully sold a breast cancer awareness line for several years. “We saw that our breast cancer awareness jewelry was popular and raised money for prevention. When we wanted to address the green movement, we took our cues from what had been successful in the breast cancer awareness collection and decided to donate proceeds of our after-tax profits to the WWF.”

GeoArt by Cynthia Gale, a New York sterling silver jewelry and gift company, kicked off its “Go Green” collection with a party held jointly with two other women-run companies, Ancora, an environmental hip handbag line, and Om Aroma, a green luxury beauty products line.

GeoArt’s collection features sterling silver along with some greenish stones such as turquoise and peridot. Eco-friendly phrases such as “Go Green” and “Green is the new black” adorn many of the pieces. GeoArt and the two other lines plan to donate 10 percent of their proceeds for the next six months to the Council for the Environment of New York City. “We thought about donating to a tropical rainforest, but we decided to do something in our own backyard,” says a GeoArt spokesperson. “The council does a great job of educating city youth on the preservation of our planet and how to create more green spaces in our own city.” — Jeff Prine

GeoArt by Cynthia Gale encourages lovers of sterling silver with its “Go Green” collection. Sales benefit the Council for the Environment of New York City, (212) 481-1845.
“Silver Eco” collection
Proceeds from the sales of M.W. Samara’s “Silver Eco” collection benefit the World Wildlife Fund, (914) 347-4200.