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Design Goes 3D

Jewelry this season boldly goes beyond: it curves away from the finger, puffs out from the wrist, and coils away from the collarbone. Three-dimensional design is adding drama to every jewelry category.
In this, our special annual fashion issue, we trace three-dimensional design in three directions.

First, gold gets round. Gold jewelry adds scale without weight this year by adding air, using electroforming to pump up the volume. We show you some of the best new examples in “Puff Pieces.”

Second, dimensional design transforms jewelry inspired by flora and fauna into realistic models of nature. Three-dimensional rose petals reach for the sun, insects spread their wings, and all kinds of sea creatures are ready for the Discovery channel. These examples of the jeweler’s—and nature’s—art are featured in “Diorama.”

And, third, geometry also adds dimension this season, as the circles of season’s past give birth to three-dimensional globes, often elaborate spherical cages in signature styles. We’ve got our eyes on the ball in “Sphere Factor.”

What did we see this season that was really different and innovative? Don’t miss the exciting new launches in “What’s New.”

And last, but certainly not least, some of the country’s leading retailers pick the top new designs and new collections in “Best of Show,” our special show edition of “Buyer’s Choice.”

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Butterfly in titanium with diamonds
Butterfly in titanium with diamonds, carved rock crystal, and butterfly wings by Wallace Chan of Hong Kong, (852) 2311-8877.
Enamel pendant
Enamel pendant with detachable flowers that can be worn as brooches by Bagués Masriera, suggested retail $27,000, (800) 472-9872.