Sevan Bicakci designsSevan Bicakci designs
Jewel-encrusted rings with internal gemstone carvings from Istanbul-based designer Sevan
Bicakci for ViewPoint Showrooms, (212) 696-9292

cufflinks by SHR
Playing Trump

Men can now aspire to fire with the new licensed Donald J. Trump jewelry collection from Fabrikant’s SHR men’s jewelry subsidiary. “A collection of fine jewelry is a natural step for my brand,” says Donald Trump. “This collection is aspirational, elegant, and completes the dressed for success look.” The line, targeted to men from 25 to 55, consists of rings, cuff links, bracelets, money clips, and key rings in 14k white and yellow gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel. Retails range from $95 to $5,000 for a 14k yellow gold and diamond bracelet. Highlights include a sterling silver cuff link set with a 22k gold coin bearing the Trump crest and a likeness of the Donald on the reverse.

Cuff links set with Trump coins from SHR, (212) 484-8944.

Nomination pendant
Necklace of Steel

Nomination has launched a stainless steel collection of Superman and Batman licensed jewelry just in time for the launch of “Superman Returns.” The company signed a license with Warner Brothers on behalf of DC Comics. The collection, which features the S-shield and bat insignia, includes pendants, bracelets, earrings, and accessories for handbags and jeans. Some pieces are set with cubic zirconia. Retails range from $100 to $250.

Look, it’s a pendant from Nomination, (866) 266-7672.

Corum watch
Poker Faces

Some are betting on what is fast becoming one of America’s most popular sports: poker. The Triton division of Frederick Goldman has launched an official World Series of Poker (WSOP) collection, in association with Harrah’s. Triton created the WSOP champion’s bracelet that will be awarded to the tournament’s winner. The line includes pendants, bracelets, cuff links, rings, and money clips. The packaging is designed to look like a stack of poker chips. Corum also signed for a six year stint as the official WSOP timepiece, and will be developing timepieces inspired by the game. “Corum is a brand that isn’t afraid to take risks,” says Michael Wunderman, president.

Corum’s Royal Flush bubble watch, (949) 788-6200.

Butterfly of Life by Krichner
Butterfly of Life

When cancer entered her life six years ago, designer Rita Willaert turned her struggle into inspiration. To celebrate her survival, she created the “Butterfly of Life” pendant, a cancer awareness symbol. Each 14k gold butterfly is engraved with the words, “Live, Love, Laugh.” The store where she works, Exclusively Diamonds, was surprised at the response to the life-affirming piece. Since its launch, the store has sold 132. When each piece is sold, 5 percent is donated to support cancer research. The design is going national through Kirchner, which will manufacture and distribute it. “It’s a very powerful and emotional product that really builds a bond with your customer,” says Sarah Person of Exclusively Diamonds. The Butterfly of Life retails for $198.

Butterfly of Life pendant from Kirchner, (800) 328-5637.

Luxenter at Callahan Assoc.
Sleek Spanish Silver

Luxenter, a Madrid-based designer sterling silver and gemstone brand, has been a big success in Spain and Europe. Now the brand is being launched in the U.S. Unlike many sterling lines which emphasize the metal itself, Luxenter focuses on gems in modern cuts and shapes. Many have an organic interpretation but are sleek. “The impressive thing is how the silver is manipulated so that it basically looks like 18k white gold,” says Chris Callahan, U.S. distributor. Price points are between $70 and $250. Among the latest stones to be used are onyx, mother-of-pearl, tiger’s eye, and obsidian. Besides amethyst, aquamarine, rose quartz, and citrine, the line also contains color enhanced cubic zirconia.

Sterling silver citrine and amethyst rings from Luxenter at Callahan Associates, (603) 673-7163.

Adamas collection
Mellow Yellow

The “Solaura” collection from Adamas Manufacturing puts the beauty of fancy colors within reach. The new brand features “Gemesis Cultured Diamonds” in both classic and fashion forward designs. Styles feature yellow synthetic diamonds from .75 to 1.50 carats accented with natural white diamonds in 18k gold. But what’s really special is the color: hues are orange yellow to yellow and the saturation is intense and vivid. Retails range from $3,000 to $20,000. All synthetic diamonds are certified and laser inscribed. “It’s a full disclosure product from top to bottom,” says Ben Burne of Adamas.

Solaura diamond ring with Gemesis synthetic diamond from Adamas, (800) 223-7390.

Diamonds in the Rough collection
Raw Beauty

One new line proudly features diamonds in their natural state. Appropriately named Diamonds in the Rough, the company uses uncut, unpolished diamonds in a variety of colors including whites, pinks, cognacs, blues, and greens. The line is segmented into three collections. The “Edan” collection is 18k yellow gold circular shapes with rough diamonds. “Isabelle” features diamonds in clear resin and is based upon teardrops. “Orielle,” the top of the line, uses larger pieces of rough diamonds held in place with micro-pavé diamond bands. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and an IGI certificate.

One-of-a-kind 106 carat rough diamond necklace with micro-pavé details from Diamonds in the Rough, (212) 710-1070.

Thomas Sabo
Join the Club

The appetite for charms seems to be insatiable. Thomas Sabo has risen to the challenge, creating a charm program that offers a new level of flexibility and customization. The “Charm Club” collection includes a range of sterling silver charms, some set with cubic zirconia, including initials, lucky symbols, animals, sports, astrology, and more. Each charm comes with a bail so it can be moved around and attached to any piece of jewelry the customer owns. The charms and jewelry are all packed in a cute black trunk that requires little more than a foot of counter space, making it easy to join the club.

Charm Club display trunk from Thomas Sabo, (49) 91239-1150.

Stuller's stand
Touch of Brilliance

Visitors to Stuller’s stand at JCK Las Vegas were able to help themselves to a case full of diamond rings standing unattended in the aisle, picking the rings up and trying them on at will. The crowd-pleasing display was the test launch of a new case that allows consumers to touch and feel jewelry without any risk of loss. The “Ring-O-Bar” displays have each ring attached to a cord and counterweight. A stand with 90 ring slots and counterweights is $2,500. Removing the glass barrier between jewelry and your customers? Priceless.

Ring-O-Bar display available from Stuller, (800) 877-7777.

Zen Diamond by Medart

Small Word

The new “Crystal Bible” ring from Zen Diamond by Medart is more than meets the eye. Each piece has the entire bible microscopically etched on the crystal. The technology is similar to the microfiche used to archive newspapers in libraries. Each page is reproduced in order across the crystal. You can carry the entire good book with one finger. Zen Diamond also makes a Crystal Bible cross pendant available in 18k white or yellow gold with diamond accents.

Crystal Bible 18k gold ring with 0.36 carats of diamonds from Zen Diamond by Med Art, (212) 302-4242.

Rand Diamond
Stud Finder

A display of classic solitaire earrings is not what you would call exciting. Rand Diamond aims to change that with an eye-catching humorous display that might even encourage women to purchase diamond earrings for themselves. The concept is a full diamond stud program, with the tagline, “Because Every Woman Needs a Stud.” Magnetic canisters house stud earrings, each pair named by size, and offering occasions for sale. “Sweetie,” at 0.33 carats total weight, is suggested for birthdays, graduations, and getting accepted into college. “Darling,” at 0.76 to 0.88 carats, is perfect for engagements or celebrating a raise. “Diva,” at 3 carats, is perfect for earning that milestone or making partner.

Stud program from Rand Diamond, (866) 726-3123.